2011 Wrap Up

Here we are, another year down and another annual wrap-up post. Been a few changes around the blog this year, first and foremost a major jump in followers and subscribers. This was mostly because I started spreading the word a little more and getting added to a few blog rolls, I've enjoyed the comments that have been left and hope next year to get some more followers, though to be honest with accumulators I have no idea what the actual number of people reading my little corner of the Web is. This year also saw the addition of a few pages to isolate the pictures, because sometimes people are just looking for eye candy or to see how somebody else painted the mini they're working on.

RL provided a number of distractors that kept the total low for the year. I was still deployed in Iraq at the beginning of the year, had a hard time getting back into the swing of things after returning, then we moved back to Texas, and lately my current position has demanded a lot of my time. The next year is looking good though and I hope to put a major dent in the To-Do List.

2011 saw a total of 43 miniatures getting painted. Here's the list (click the link for the post with pics of the individual model(s)):

2 Cold Navy Mauridian Ven'Tara carriers
8 Khurasan Parasachnid Bioweapons
8 Khurasan Mekanoid Grenadier
10 Khurasan Felid Warriors
3 Cold Navy Mauridian Ba'Rada frigates
1 GZG Advance Heavy Grav Tank
1 Basestar (Ravenstar Studios)
1 Candy, Anime Heroine (Chronoscope)
1 Klingon C8 Dreadnought (ADB)
4 GZG UNSC infantry
1 Lancer warjack (Privateer Press)
1 pStryker (Privateer Press)
1 Ironclad (Privateer Press)
1 Fed New Light Cruiser (ADB)

(click for a larger image)

What's odd is that almost everything that I bought in 2011 was painted in 2011. My main goals for 2012 is to finish what 15mm figures and starship models that I already have and to game more often. There's a group of Rebel Minis Earth Force figures on there way to me courtesy of Rebel's Christmas 20% off sale. The Charger is that last of the Warmachine figures I need and will be done hopefully next week, leading to my start in that game. I think most of this years purchases will be either expansions for rules I have, terrain pieces, or supplies. One of the things I'm looking at doing is switching over to artist's acrylics for most of my workhorse colors rather than hobby paints. I still enjoy using Reaper's paints, but it's much easier for me to hop over to Hobby Lobby than it is to wait for the mail. I'll still be using the hobby paints for some specialist applications though, especially skin tones as Reaper's MSP skin tones can't be beat as far as I'm concerned. Finally, I plan to finish my background setting that will become the basis for my Tomorrow's War and Starmada games. Hopefully Hestia become a living, vibrant place in which many glorious battles will be fought.

On the gaming front I seem to have settled down to four (maybe five) games. The kids have been enjoying a set of one page fantasy skirmish rules I found. We've also been playing Starmada and Klingon Armada from Majestic 12 Games. The 15mm has been settled on Tomorrow's War from Ambush Alley Games, just need to get my forces rounded out a little more to really get started on that game. Then there's Warmachine, which a co-worker talked me into. The "maybe" is Silent Death. I've had this game sitting around for a couple years now and have only tried it out once using the Star Wars conversion. I really want to get this one out sometime soon. Who knows, maybe my Macross conversion to that system might finally see the day of light. Going to need to order lots of gashapon for that though.

CAV has sadly fallen by the wayside, though as a game system it still occupies the bulk of my collection. I'll still get a game of CAV2 in here or there, but I doubt I'll be actively seeking to convert players or play CAV:SO if that actually sees the day of light. I think this is the first year that I have not painted a CAV minis since I started playing that game. It's a shame really, I still love the models, it's just hard to justify painting them if I'm not actively playing it. A number of them will probably get put into 15mm games, but that may result in repainting some of them to match the 15mm forces.

All that said, good luck to all in the New Year!


Desert Scribe said...

I followed the link to your page from your post on TMP. Welcome back to the Lone Star State. Where in Texas are you? I'm in New Braunfels, and there are several other bloggers/gamers along I-35.

Sergeant Crunch said...

I'm in San Angelo and planning on retiring from the military here. In a month or so's time I'm going to be looking to start a gaming club out here.

Desert Scribe said...

That's a little far for me to drive for a game :)

Lone Star Historical Miniatures has a Midland/Odessa chapter; you might want to get in touch with them. And if you ever get to San Antonio, there are plenty of gamers.

Psyberwolfe said...
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