Another Bug Hunt

Yes, I know it's one of the most over-used phrases amongst sci-fi gamers, but well, it works. :)

Used the brushed-on variant of the Minwax Dip last night on the remainder of my Khurasan Parasachnid Bioweapons (or bugs for short). Used the lighter of the two olive drabs I had used on the previous two bugs and highlighted with a more yellowish green. I know I wanted them lighter, but before I applied the Minwax Antique Walnut I was concerned that I had gone too bright. I applied the stain (a bit too heavily at first, required siphoning some off with the brush) and the color muted nicely. For those painting along at home, I'm using disposable brushes from the hardware store bargain bin and applying the stain in big happy strokes.

Still figuring my around using the stain.  On the upside, I'm not about to run out of it any time soon. Though next time I think I'm going to either need to thin out just a little bit (though I'm concerned about what affect this will have on the acrylic paint underneath) or let the can sit in the warmer part of the house for a few hours before applying in order to help it flow better.  My game room is half underground so even with the heat on, it's still a little chilly in here. I am getting better at estimating how much to apply, but it is still a learning process.

Enough babbling, on with the pictures:

Group shot

Comparison shots with one of the test minis

And if you remember from the post with the finished Mekanoids, here the tin-cans get their come-uppance:

I know, I said the Felids were next, but these guys kind of barged their way through my painting queue by virtue of the fact that two of them were already finished. Kitties are next, promise.

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