Finished Felids and Other Notes

Realized that I had a picture of my Khurasan Felid Battle Circle that I had completed before I had to start preparing for the move to Texas. Not the best picture, but it gets the point across.

After I make some progress on the backlog I'll order some more Felids to round out about a platoon's worth with GZG wheeled vehicles.

In related gaming news, having all my minis, terrain, and most of my rule sets (some are PDFs on my Nook Color) in storage while I await closing on our house I was going through gaming withdrawal. So I went out and bought the Wrath of Ashardalon D&D board game. It gives a pretty good game, but the rules provide for a more dangerous dungeon environment than any DM I've ever played with (and they were pretty devious). Today I painted one of the character models. Turned out pretty well for a quickie, but the detail (especially the face) leaves something to be desired. In all though it looks better than flat blue soft plastic. I figure over the course of the next week I can at least finish the remaining hero figures. They won't be contest winners by a long shot, but will be at least more visually interesting. Pics later.

Oh, one more thing, I haven't been linking related items in my posts recently because I've been posting either from my phone or on a horribly slow connection on my netbook. No promises, but I intend to go back once I get a proper connection and insert links.


Spacejacker said...

Nice to see some Felids painted! This post puts me a step closer to ordering some and trying not to look at my unpainted minis drawer. PS-Good luck with the move.

Sergeant Crunch said...

I'm very happy with the quality of the casting with these. Very little flash or mold lines. The detail was quite a bit more than I had expected, these being the first 15mm figs I had ordered. Though getting the shading right on the heads was more difficult than I had expected, but white and orange can be difficult to work with whatever the subject may be.

Tom said...

Very nice!

I was in two minds about picking up some Felids - vs. Vespulids - but you may have convinced me to get both.

Sergeant Crunch said...

The Enabler strikes again! :D