Grav Tank Done and Other Progress

Finished the grav tank this weekend as well as some decent progress on Candy.  Still not entirely happy about how the wash came out on the tank, but it gives it a real gritty appearance if nothing else. The colors are spot on for how I want to paint the infanty and spider drones though.

I also got the base coat down on Candy. I've learned that Reaper ProPaint Scarlet Red would make for a great hair color, though here I'll be using it as the shade color.  Keep in mind that the base coat is going to be the shadow colors for the mini so it's a bit darker than the finished product. That said, I think the exposure was a bit long for this one as I think the camera was trying to make the Reaper Master Series Ghost White a true white.

On other fronts, cut out a couple hills from some scrap blue insulation board leftover from a prior home improvement project (of which I still have the better part of an 8x4 board *grin*) and looking to play a game of some sort with Aprile tomorrow, probably CAV.

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