pStryker Finished

So the day after Thanksgiving, rather than braving the crowds I spent the day painting, or at least a good part of it. I had intended to stop after finishing the basecoat, but I kept doing "just one more thing" and at around midnight he was done. Spent about 10 or 12 hours on him and I have to say that this is the best mini I've painted since returning from deployment. Unfortunately I still haven't figured how to get my camera to photograph a figure so heavily covered in metallic paints.  The cloak doesn't actually glow like it seems to in the picture. Oh, and I still hate painting eyes.


Mad Pat said...

Looks awesome, I got mine finished awhile back. I really like the white on yours


Sergeant Crunch said...

Thanks, I used Reaper Pro Paint Spectral White for the cloak thinking the slight blue hint in it would tie the cloak to the blue armor. Trying to get it to shade right was a real pain though.