A Question For My Loyal Followers

First, thanks for following along and your comments. For a while there I felt like I was screaming into the void. While that can be therapeutic, it does make you wonder why you're blogging. Would it be helpful to yall (all 8 of you :) ) if I took a little more time and provided links to things I mention in my post? Like a link to the manufacturer of the mini I'm working on or such. I know yall are capable of using Google to find things on your own, but sometimes I'll click on a link if I'm mildly interested, but not interested to search for it myself (although with Firefox it's only a matter of highlighting and a right click).


Ambassador said...

Hey, you have more readers than 8. A lot of people do what I do, which is follow your blogposts through my aggregator. I don't think I show up as a registered follower for that reason, but I always enjoy what you write. And I think links are a great idea.

Sergeant Crunch said...

I forgot about aggregators. *facepalm* Which is funny since I use Google Reader to keep up on about 30 blogs (of which about seven actually update with any regularity). Thanks for reading!

Eli Arndt said...

I would like to see a bit more detail in some of your miniatures posts. That is not to say you aren't doing a bang-up job, but links to named manufacturers, games, and other sites is always polite and helps to foster the networking aspect of the blogging hobby.


Joe said...

I definitely read and I'd love to see links to where you get stuff.

The latest links to the VSD and Battleship producers are very interesting.

Sergeant Crunch said...

In retrospect I think my not linking things stems from the fact that when I started this blog I was still pretty heavily entrenched in CAV2 and Reaper's fantasy figures (since it seemed obligatory of Reaper fanboys). I figured that most people coming by would be other CAV players or Reaper forum regulars that had a common frame of reference. Since then I've branched out into a lot of other things and this blog has grown beyond it's original intent as a place for me to provide one link across several forums instead of having to re-enter the same post. (Turns out that didn't work out as well as I thought, as some forums don't generate a user response to painted minis without a picture in the forum. Some just don't respond at all or are verrrrrry delayed. That's a rant for another day...)

So, in the future I will endeavor to remember to provide links to thinks I'm talking about. Last night I posted one with such links. Was it about right, too many links, or where there still things you were interested in finding out more about?