2,000 Words (and a few more)

OK, the VSD is from Studio Bergstrom and is mounted on Ninja Magic magnetic flight stand adapters and Litko Aerosystems clear acrylic flight stand. The battleship is from Ravenstar Studios. You won't find it on his website, but you can email him for a quote.

Here's where I go into a mini rant. Ravenstar Studios has had the license to produce the Cold Navy ships for some time and his website shows no way in which to order them. If you don't know somebody who knows how to get them or don't check Starship Combat News (excellent source for starship gaming BTW) you'd never be able to get these beauties. I was very hesitant about just sending off money to somebody I didn't know from Adam. I glad I did, because the ships are outstanding in resin. Much crisper detail than the metal versions. He could be doing so much more business if he would get his site updated. Apparently he has a total facelift in the works, but has apparently gotten somebody rather unreliable to get it done. At any rate, he could be making so much more if he had an updated site with pictures of these wonderful pieces.

Mr. Ross, if you're reading this, the Mauridians are the ships I wanted for a long time. Sleek but deadly looking, detailed without being covered in stuff just to be covered in stuff, and a cool anime style.

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