Painting and A New Distraction

First, I did manage to get the adapters prepped and attached to their bases. I forgot to take pics and I apologize for that. The Victory Star Destroyer looks frickin' awesome on it. Especially since it makes it a bit taller than the other ships on the same shelf in the cabinet. Today I got the base coat and engine "glow" done on the Mauridian BB and it looks quite promising. Next up is mixing a lighter blue and a lighter orange (without going too yellow) for some of the panels, some highlighting, and darklining. While it doesn't have a lot of panel lines and greeblies compared to most CAVs or GZG starships it does have enough to make it a time consuming proposition. At least with the GZG ships I can wash them, drybrush them and call it a day. These Mauridians look so good that they deserve more than that.

And the distraction, I bought Star Trek Online. If you happen to run into Captain Aaron H. Perry in the Alpha Quadrant open a hailing frequency and send your complements. Still flying the noob ship, a Miranda, the U.S.S. Athena though it shouldn't be too much longer until I can pick up a more modern Cruiser.

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