Kick In the Pants

When the Robotech Kickstarter ended I realized that sometime in the near future I'm going to have over 100 new miniatures in the To Do List and resolved to reduce the amount in the Cabinet of Shame.  Over the long weekend I did get a very little bit of painting done, but nothing major.  Since I ended up having to stay home with one of the boys (he got pink eye over the weekend) I decided to complete something, so I finished up the half painted GZG UNSC figures that I had base coated with the Krylon camo spray paint.  They turned out quite well and are the last of the infantry figures I purchased for that force.  All that's left are the gun drones and that group will be finished...well until I get some rides for the squads that is, but that's going to be some time coming I think.  

After the gun drones I think I'll finish the Heavy Gear figures that have been languishing on the table for quite some time.  They are Hunters from the northern faction IIRC, been a while since I looked at my HG stuff.  They may end up being used as 15mm robots or as smallish mecha for 6mm more than actual games of Heavy Gear.  After that I'm not sure, though I'll probably opt for stuff that I've started but never finished which means there will probably be a dragon or a giant back on the table.

I might get around to taking and posting some pictures tonight after I seal the figures.

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