Krylon Camo Spray Results

Trying something new.  As I mentioned in a previous post I got a new phone that the blogger app works on, so I'm trying the camera on miniatures and attempting to post directly to the blog.
I finished the test of the Krylon spray paint earlier this week. Here is a comparison shot with the Krylon painted figure on the left and one painted with Reaper Terran Khaki on the right. The khaki and the wash are the only differences.  (The color I originally used for the wash had dried out so I used MSP Brown Liner which brought out the detail better but gave the overall figure a different feel.) The Krylon is a bit more grayish than the Reaper paint, but it is closer to what I had in mind. Overall I'm happy and don't think the difference between them will be too noticeable at arms length aside from the level of detail.
Edit: let's see if I can add a picture after the fact.


Dan said...

Nice, good colour choices, the base are good to.

Ironworker said...

I use Krylon camo all the time on my sci-fi troops.

Sergeant Crunch said...

After this I'm definitely going to be using it more often. Have you used it on styrofoam or does it melt it?

Ironworker said...

I think it melts it although I think the last cans I purchased said "Fusion" which might on styrofoam.