First FWC Game

So while I was recovering from the eye surgery I couldn't sleep at night. One night I decided I might as do something enjoyable so layed out a quick town for some for CAVs to fight over. Except I wasn't playing CAV :O

I decided to finally give FWC a spin and see how I liked it. So I set up a town with a park in the middle and an industrial complex in one corner. The basic scenario was the Rach (the colorful force), were defending the industrial buildings from the Terrans (the camo'd force). I set up mirror infantry formations and picked out some models I liked for the Terrans and picked out a force of relatively equal points. Ended up looking like this:

Both sides had the following:
CO, CV10
2 HQ CV9
3 Regular Infantry Save 5, w/ smart missile upgrade

The Terrans also had
1 Czar dropship
2 Wolf tanks
2 Starhawk VI
1 Thunderbird

The Rach had
1 Emperor
1 Dictator 70
1 Specter
2 Despot

Here's what the town looked like:

Basically anything that wasn't road was either a Built Up Area (BUA) or High Area Terrain (the woods). The defenders used static deployment and the attackers used mobile deployment. The defenders took up positions inside the compound behind the wall to take advantage of cover. The attacking HQ elements took up their positions on the opposite side of town. I know the field was short, but I wanted to get into the game quickly to see how it goes.

The attackers had a bit of a time getting onto the board first turn. They managed to deploy the Wolf tanks and that was it. They advanced down the street and the lead tank took a shot at the Specter, but only winged it. After the other command units failed to do anything useful the HQ for the tanks moved forward.

The defender's unleashed an artillery concentration and the CAVs were ordered to mobilize and engage the tanks. They put a few points on them, but it wasn't quite enough.

The attackers failed to do anything useful again and when the defender's turn came up the HQ for the CAVs rolled snake eyes. This led to the prompt demise of the two Wolf tanks and left the attacker's CO in a somewhat compromising position.

When the defending CO came up he reactivated the Dictator 70 to overrun the attacking CO. After the attacking CO fell back, the defending CO promptly failed his next command roll.

In the attacker's next turn, he finally managed to get his CAVs on the table. The Thunderbird lost his shields when it's HQ rolled a 12 and got it shot up a bit. The infanty tried to finish it off to no avail as they couldn't seem to score a hit with their missiles.

The attackers moved forward and one of the Starhawks moved to engage the Dictator, but not much else. The defenders managed to fail every single command roll.

The attackers stood and targetted the defenders and where able to take out an entire whole stand of defending infantry. The Starhawk fired at the Dictator 70, but was unable to fell the beast. The Czar was finally able to get on board and advance, but not for long...

After failing every command roll in the previous turn, the defenders couldn't seem to fail one this turn. The infantry and tanks destroyed the Thunderbird and one Starhawk with at least one 2 rolled and several successful command rolls. The CAVs had similar successes, themselves rolling a 2 and more successes, and where able to take out the remaining Starhawk and the Czar with all hands on board. The attackers went from being down two tanks to only having their command units left on the table in a single turn.

Overall I enjoyed the game. I know I messed up a few things, but that's probably more due to me being used to using these models with CAV rather than FWC. A good example would be opportunity fire, kept forgetting to use it. I think from here on out though I think I'm going to use the persistent damage variant of the damage rules if I'm going to be using a lot of massive units like in this game. Now I'm that much more excited to get those 6mm projects done and ready for the table.

Speaking of which, here are the Space Marines:

And here are those JR Miniatures buildings I've been babbling about:


GR00V3R said...

I dig those cardstock buildings. Where did you find them?

Good blog, too. Keep up the good work. :)

Sergeant Crunch said...

Thanks! The cardstock buildings are from sarna.net. It's site focused on Battletech, but have a lot of buildings you can download. Probably the best free ones I've seen. They're in the "media" section under cardstock if I remember correctly.