The Pax Arcadians Are Here!

The Pax arrived today, but they're still in the box. She hasn't let me know if she intends to make me wait for Christmas or not. Won't be able to order bases for them until I get paid next week. Probably won't see those until after Christmas. Litko does great stuff, but they require a pretty good lead time on orders and I'm going to be asking for a few sets of custom items.

Picked up some flock for the bases though, as well as a new tub of artists gel medium and new files. Also found a stack of thin plywood rectangles in the craft wood section that'll be used to base some of my 6mm buildings into more coherent pieces. I can tell I'm going to have to go back for more later. I've also identified the paints to match the flock. The bases will be done as follows:

- spread gel texture on and apply sand
- once dry, prime then base coat with Apple Barrel Country Tan (it's a good dirt color in case flock comes off later)
- glue painted minis to the bases
- flock with white, green, red, burnt orange, and golden yellow (found a pack of "autumn" flock in the model train section :))
- seal

Painting the models will be:
- light gray auto primer
- airbrush with Reaper ProPaint Linen White
- then dab camo pattern in this sequence (all Reaper ProPaints - colorchart here):
Goldenrod Yellow
Fireball Orange
Burning Orange
Olive Green
- weapons will be ProPaint Faded Black and anything else will be in appropriate colors

January will probably see me ordering some blank decal sheets. Though most of January I'll be out of state. I wonder how the TSA reacts to paints, hobby knives, and a couple hundred pieces of pewter...

I'll do a picture with all the parts and pieces once things get organized, though bases will have to wait as I won't have them yet.

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