1 Down, 38 to Go

Here's the test stand for my marines. The colors aren't 100% correct because I didn't want to set up my light tent for one stand of 6mm infantry but they're close enough. The highlights on the helmet aren't quite so strongly yellow.

I was going to use RPP Stained Olive for the shadows, but it ended up being lighter than the Field Gray and gave them too much of a "Nurgle-y" appearance. So they got a black wash. These are to be from 2nd Company, but instead of straight gold on the shoulder pads I went with a subdued Desert Tan as I thought the gold would be to jarring visually against the drab greens, than and it was the same color used to highlight the sand so it ties the minis to the base. Turns out it's a good color for highlighting the green too. :) Weapons are black though I painted the magazine on the missile launcher a MSP Shadowed Steel (similar to Boltgun Metal but a little more blue/purple tint to it I think, need to ask Reaper's painter about that) to give them a little "bling" without going over board like my 28mm Marines (see the Photobucket gallery).

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