From the Halls of Holy Terra

To the Shores of Istvaan IV

Ok, I'll stop murdering the Marine Corps Hymn now. I received my 6mm Space Marines today. With what was in that little package I've got well over 3,000 points of 'em for FWC. In terms of that game I've 32 stands of Regular Marines with Rocket Launcher support upgrades, 7 stands of Regular Marines, and 4 Big Mama IFVs (Land Raiders, the old school MkI). As it stands right now I have enough stands to establish either the 6th or 7th Reserve company. I've already identified a couple hundred dollars worth of reimforcements I'd like to get these guys. Even though I'll be using them for FWC, I'm going to try to keep their organization and fluff largely untouched. I don't like buying from GW, but I've always liked the Space Marines since I first laid eyes on them in junior high. On the fluff front I'm thinking they'll be a successor chapter, most likely of the Ultramarines, but not blue. A nice olive color. Just need to pick the right one. I just wish my had recovered enough to work on them today. Oh well.

Itching to paint something, I figured my JR miniatures pieces don't have much detail on them, so I 've been laying down basecoats on them. Nothing that requires much accuracy. I know I keep promising pictures, but I will get some up at some point.

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