The List of Doom...in order now

OK, so the ordered to do list (by section, though some items have been prioritized internally) is this

  1. CAV
  2. Other Starships
  3. 5150
  4. 6mm sci-fi
  5. Federation Commander
  6. Warlord
  7. Random Stuff
  8. Terrain
Now, those that know me from Reaper's boards probably think it's an outrage that Warlord is number 6 of 9, but if you go back to my original post you'll remember that I'd rather paint anything sci-fi before fantasy. Though to be honest I'll probably intersperse items not from the current queue to keep burnout from setting in.

Now all I have to do is make time to paint.....

You'll probably notice that I've changed the Beer & Pretzels heading to simply "6mm Sci-Fi." This is due to the fact that I'm probably going to use Future War Commander (FWC) for 6mm sci-fi. I had the vast majority of the rules done, but designing the weapons and determining point values was kicking my butt. Moving didn't help my motivation much.

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