Impatiently Waiting

My wife (who has to endure many trials and tribulations living with me) ordered Future War Commander for me last week. :) Unfortunately I'm still waiting for it to get to Neal at the Warstore so he can send it to me. :(

I'm pretty amped about it. I've been trying to find something to use my 6mm minis with. Dirtside had most everything I wanted, but I found that it just didn't work for me. I even went so far as to write my own rules, but the build and point systems stymied me. The rules worked well, just couldn't make up my mind on how to design and cost the units. From what I can tell this will be up my alley, fairly abstract, good game mechanics, and a unit design system. Unfortunately though the cost has be bit anxious. That's $48 I'm out if I don't like it and can't shift it on eBay.

Haven't gotten crap done for painting since finishing Sophie. Been so busy that I'm just plain exhausted when I come home. The Force Unleashed has not been helping matters.

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