Time to Prioritize

Well, seeing as how there's only a few months left in the year I'm thinking I'm not going to accomplish my goal of finishing the to-do list before December 31st. It was never a hard deadline, just something I thought would be good to do and push myself to get these things painted. But in an effort to get as much done, I think I'm going to need to prioritize my work queue.

As much as I love CAV, what remains to be painted is only a small part of my list. Which means either I should paint them first and get them done and out of the way, or spread them out as something to work on when I'm getting tired of painting the 23rd "Warrior with Sword and Shield." I think I'll save them as the break pieces, that way I can look forward to working on them instead of "I have to finish all the CAVs before working on something else." \

So that leaves the question of what's up first. I'm thinking the GZG ships. There aren't many of them and I'm planning a simple pattern on them. After that I think I'll finally finish the Warlord Orcs. Either that or finishing decal application to the Federation Commander ships that are painted. It's been almost a year since I started on those, simply shameful.

This is going to require some more thought before plans are finalized, more to follow...

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