Yes, it required yelling.

It took forever, but she's finally done. I think she turned out great. A couple spots didn't come out quite the way I'd like, but I'm happy with her. I almost wish I had bought a third RCon 08 Sophie so I could do another one of these without the wings. Enough talk, here's the pics.

Here's some other stuff I finished along the way: some GZG Kivruzh medium grav tanks (finally looked up what they were called), rebased Dana Murphy (before on crappy round Sculpey base, after on square Litko base), and an LE Minotaur based for use in Warlord and given a Brown Liner wash.

Kivruzh medium tanks

Dana on original crappy base

Dana Rebased

LE Minotaur based for Warlord

If you want to see Dana with her original crappy paint job go here.

Now back to cranking out gaming pieces.

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