Warmachine and 200 Posts

First, this is my 200th post. and earlier I had 10,000 hits. This blog has been around since January 2008, so almost four years now. Not bad in my mind since I didn't really announce the existence of the blog other than as a link in my forum signature blocks until late last year and earlier this year. Thanks to all my readers out there!

So, remember earlier how I was thinking about getting back into 40k in order to play with a co-worker? This has transformed into Warmachine. Warmachine (WM for brevity's sake) is a game that I've been dancing around for some time. The 'jacks look cool, the mechanics interesting, but being a fantasy game and not knowing anyone local to me that played was always what kept me from jumping. Turns out my co-worker has been infected with some kind of WM fever. I'm more inclined to try out WM rather than 40k, even if it doesn't involve anything remotely sci-fi, the big stompy Warjacks make up for that. So, on Thursday I ordered a Cygnar battlebox from Amazon (saved a lot on that, $38 instead of the listed retail of almost $50).

For the 15mm, starship, and CAV readers don't be dismayed. I'm not abandoning those, just looking for a game that will actually get played with somebody besides my kids.

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