CAV Game from a Couple Weeks Ago

A couple weeks ago Aprile expressed an interest playing a game of CAV. So I threw some stuff on the table, figured up a couple forces, and came up with a scenario. During the Terran invastion of Vega, they dispacted a flanking force to draw Rach defenders in the city of Kreogh's Landing. The Terrans sent of a force consisting of a Thunderbird, Ronin, Starhawk VI, and a Puma. In an effort to blunt their advance, the Rach cobbled together a force with an Emperor, two Despots, and a full section of AT-23 armed light infantry.  The Rach planned to stay within the edge of the city moving from cover to fire then return to cover with the infantry taking up positions in the woods to fire at the incoming CAVs with their missile launchers.  This was working well, until Aprile realized that the Emperor has something of a glass jaw. She ended up winning and the Terrans proceeded to harass the flanks of the Rach defenders deeper in the city.

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