Been A Long Time

Wow, hobby motivation hit an all time low there for a while, but with ReaponCon coming up and me actually going this year it's starting to return. Had a few games since the last post, tried out some tweaks for CAV2, but mostly painted all but one of the remaining JR Miniatures 6mm sci-fi buildings. The Comm Center is the last one, and I'm waffling on what colors to use. The upside though is that they are ready for whenever Robotech shows up. I did however start working on a figure I was supposed to have painted several years ago for someone else. Several excuses later I'm finally getting around to it and plan to present at the con. Also working on a CAV2 conversion that was the result of a kitbash competition on Mil-Net ages ago. The winners got stats for the game. This one is a Kahn with Dictator 60 gauss cannons. So a fast heavy hitter with next to no armor. I figure they'll make great flankers to finish wounded units off. I also bought Zombie Dice. The kids love it.

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