Dreadball Orc Guard

Finished the test figure for my Orc/Goblin Dreadball team. I'm pretty happy with it and have begun the assembly line painting of the other three that came in the box. In this picture we see the guard about to make a move on a human Striker.

You may notice that the two team share color similarities with two Big 10 colleges. My background on the subject is that as Dreadball grew in popularity collegiate sports income started to decline. Fearfull for their cash cows the various schools petitioned Digby to create a collegiate Dreadball league. I've painted my humans in the Scarlet and Grey of The Ohio State University and the Orx/Goblins as that team from up north. (Guess which side I'm for...) In the meantime, the Horseshoe is now the Woody Hayes Memorial Football Museum where demonstration games are still played on specific occasions while the stadium in Anne Arbor has been turned into pasture land for their cheerleaders.

Here's the back side of the guard. Again, fear my mad freehand number skillz.