Revamped FUBAR Supplement

I decided after a couple games with the kids that I wanted to revamp FUBAR and my supplement to it. For one thing, I wanted to make units that failed their activation still be able to do something before losing initiative to the other player, if only from a few possible actions. I also wanted to incorporate the supplement directly into the rules, so I went with a two-page format borrowed from the VSF rules for FUBAR. Tweaked some stuff from my supplement, added a few more things and ended up with this...

I haven't given this new version a trial run yet as I was letting a friend take a look at them and provide feedback before I went public with them.  We'll see how this week goes and maybe get a little weekday gaming in.


Randall Case said...

Hey sarge,

Sorry if I might have asked you this somewhere else, but have you looked at FUBAR Ultra? It's not out yet but Craig has posted his ideas on its activation rule that sorts out the really annoying part of the activation mechanic. It's here if you don't know about it:


I've tried it out and it's really good. It keeps the switching of initiative side of the activation rules but allows a unit which fails the roll to take an action like move or shoot. It makes for a much more dynamic game.

I'm doing the same thing you are: playing with FUBAR and making it into my "go to" rules for simple games.

Sergeant Crunch said...

The activation mechanic changes I made were along the lines of what was originally proposed for Ultra FUBAR before the two-action mechanic.

This adaptation needs some refinement, but I'm liking it so far.