An ENIGMA Wrapped In a Riddle

I try to keep my posts related to gaming, but this is pretty neat.  I spent today manning a booth at my installation's Community Appreciation Day. The booth consisted of four encryption devices from WWII. A three-rotor ENIGMA complete with Wehrmacht markings, an M94 cipher device, an M209 converter (cipher), and the remains of a PURPLE cipher device.

I spent the day with another NCO explaining how these worked to passerby's from the local area as they shopped in the co-located craft market. My throat is a little sore from trying to talk over the crowd all day but it was worth it. Met several people who were fascinated by it, a woman who's father may very well have used an M209 during WWII, and several children who found them to be very cool. Several who stopped by were veterans themselves and we'd speak for a little while trading war stories.

Had a fun day and thought I'd share, now I return you to my irregularly scheduled broadcast.

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