Hunter Assembly

After a learning game of Munchkin (been a long time since I played and they never had) at a friend's house came home and started to work on the Northern GP squad.  Right now all five have everything except their arms and primary weapons assembled. I'm going to paint the arms and weapons separate in order to keep them out of the way while I paint the torsos, pretty much the same way I paint my other mecha figs.

The most common thought I had tonight was, "Is that detail or a mold line?" Which isn't unusual when I'm working with figures I've never seen before. However, the problem was compounded when I discovered the metal Dream Pod 9 uses is much softer than what I'm used to. So the first pass with a file got a lot more pressure than was needed and I'm sure I'll probably anger some WYSWIYG purist out there for having accidentally filed off the interior left repair access panel or some such. Otherwise though the casting was overall good, despite a tendency to have some pitting on flat surfaces. Thankfully those those were all at points that would be covered when glued together. Assembly was fairly straight forward. Fit is a bit loose, but not overly so. I have a feeling I should have pinned them, but the kids broke the drill bit I use for that and I can't seem to find the right size without having to buy a whole set of bits. Probably about the only thing I had some issue as far as assembly goes was that I filed the mount on the back of the torso for the V-Engine "backpack" down too far while cleaning up molding irregularities and I'm not real comfortable with the resulting join.

Tomorrow should see preparation of the arms and weapons, priming, and maybe even a little paint. Something I'm already not too sure about though is where exactly the Heavy Panzerfaust is supposed to go...

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