GADD Strikes Again

Well, my Gamer Attention  Deficit Disorder has raised it's ugly head again. Being the mecha enthusiast that I am, I have been going around and around with myself for about six years about whether or not I should get into Heavy Gear. They finally got me with their summer promotion which gets you the Locked & Loaded and Field Manual rulebooks in .pdf format for free via RPG DriveThru. And seeing as how my current main CAV opponent works for Dream Pod 9 I decided that I've got free rules and an opponent, I like most of the miniatures, why not.

What makes this even better is that yesterday I found a model railroad shop to source some modern buildings that fit with sci-fi settings. They just happened to have the North vs. South starter set for HG Blitz...at 35% off! So I now have a General Purpose squad for both the North and South, though my intentions is build a force from the Northern Guard 33rd Regiment, the "Roving Guns." From what little fluff I've read, they are a force of heavy raiders that favor hit and fade tactics.

The Northern Gears are going to be painted in a sci-fi version of chocolate chip desert camo. I think the Southern ones will be painted as standard MILICIA, meaning grey drybrush. I'm not all that interested in the Southern Gears and they may eventually end up on eBay.

Speaking of which, my 6mm sci-fi figures will be offered up for sale as a way to fund the further expansion of the HG forces.

And in totally unrelated news, I'm totally stoked about the impending release of Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing. I'm getting to like the idea of the big box board games that are either fully or mostly self contained, as evidenced in my backing of the OGRE Kickstarter. I'm looking forward to X-Wing for a few reasons: as with most gamers I'm a big Star Wars fan, I don't have to paint the figures, my kids are getting to be almost bigger Star Wars fans than I. The game rules look like they will be easy to pick up. If nothing else I'll end up with a couple of TIE fighters and an X-Wing.

Look! Something Shiney!!!


Brandon Fero said...

Friendly tip from a Dream Pod 9 forumite... keep your Southern miniatures on the off-chance that you get tired of cookies and have an interest in curves. ^_^

Still, welcome to the game, and God bless!

Sergeant Crunch said...

Thanks for the tip!