Achievement Unlocked!

I spend an inordinate amount of time looking at the stats page for this blog. Don't know why, probably the analyst in me showing. Anyway, in May 2010 this blog got a shade over 2,300 hit. I found this odd seeing as how I wasn't very active at the time what with getting ready to deploy to southern Iraq and all. Did a little research and I think it was bots artificially driving up the hit count. I'm proud to say that two years later, May 2010 the blog has received over 2,400 hits from what I can only assume have been naturally generated by my content (and a bit of shameless plugging on a select few message boards). If I had anything to give away I'd consider doing a give away for what I consider a milestone for my corner of the World Wide Web (does anyone still call it that?). However, all I have is the Shelf of Shame and even unpainted they are My Precious.

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