RL Strikes Again

Not much going to happen hobby wise this weekend, and probably next weekend. RL is rearing one of it's more ugly heads in my realm and I'm having to make an emergency trip to my hometown.  I'd take some stuff to work on, but I know won't do anything with it and I probably won't have a lot of time to do so. So instead I'm downloading a business leadership book to my Nook and topping off the charge on the netbook.

In an unrelated note, been afflicted with the desire to scratchbuild or kitbash a dropship for 15mm, despite only having played a few small games. Reading on Inso's World his similar affliction has not been helping. Right now I'm thinking of some kind of unholy combination of a C-130 fuselage, the cockpit canopy from an Mi-24 Hind, and rotating engine nacelles to hang off the C-130 wing roots. Still trying to figure out how exactly to make this work.

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