As If I Don't Have Enough To Do Already

Got my most recent order in the mail today. A hair over 30 Rebel Minis Earth Force figures and a Merka V tank. Got these taking advantage of Rebel's 20% off sale just before it ended. Then to top it off, my loving wife of 16 years (our anniversary was yesterday) ordered a Khurasan Dictator and a Siler tank.

The Earth Force figures are going to be used for my mid-tech republic force along with the Merka V and the Siler. They'll be getting a simple khaki and green paint job similar to what Terran CAVs were done in. The Dictator will go with my Mekanoids and receive the same blue-gray-silver scheme, though now I'm starting to debate doing the blue and gray in a dazzle scheme. Definitely need to get the airbrush fixed before I tackle that beast.

In the meantime I really need to finish that stupid Warmachine Charger that has been impatiently waiting.

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