Sprint to the Finish

Very close to finishing the Ironclad. Hoping that today and tomorrow I can get the Charger from fit to finish. Then I can include them in the End of Year wrap up that is coming due soon. I'll be finishing the Ironclad today between helping kids with model cars they received for Christmas and will have pictures tonight. Or I could work on one of the 1/2400 Enterprise models I have (NCC-1701, 1701 Refit, and 1701B for which I've been looking for some 1/2400 opponents that won't break the bank for some 1/2400 scale Trek gaming).

Oh, also finally got around to playing that fantasy game with the kids. For some reason Phillip decided that it would be better to run from my contingent for five of the six turns. Something about being scared of the giant. No pictures but we had a good time. Phil says he wants to play with the Star Trek game next time so guess I need to get some of those ships on the table too.

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