Back From Vacation

or Holiday as our European friends may call it.  Had a good week-long trip to Wyoming to visit the in-laws. Nothing much miniature wise to report from the last week other than I cleaned mold lines on all but two escorts of the Japanese ships. I had grand plans of doing the same for all my remaining Trek ships and one of my Ravenstar Studios space stations, but as usual my exuberance was outweighed by reality. On a vacation related note, they should make containers that fit to standard luggage racks which are appropriately sized to place a teenager in during long road-trips.

While I was out, my latest order of GZG figures arrived.  I placed the order in mid-February-ish so he must be getting closer to being caught up with back orders. Hopefully the new website goes up without a hitch for him. Will most likely post a review of them before I start painting them.  I have a few minor quibbles with the grav tank.

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