Recent Acquisitions

Bought these last month while I was out with my wife on our anniversary weekend trip to Kansas City. (Yep, I know she loves me because we went to a game store on our anniversary!)

The river and bridge are JR Miniatures in 15mm scale, the quonset hut is an IMEX HO scale building (found at a local model / train shop) and the walkers are AT-43 models that were 75% off.  The walkers are going to be repainted and used for my upcoming 15mm games.  Just need to find an army that matches them thematically.  Was thinking Rebel's Titan Marines might be a decent match. Though, being in the Army, I'll have to rename them :).

A quick word about Tabletop Game and Hobby in Overland Park. It's a nice store, plenty of selection (though no 15mm sci-fi which bummed me out a little), clean, and courteous staff. If you're ever in the Kansas City area I recommend you check them out.

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