Annual Recap

Ok, I know I'm 34 days behind on this, but on New Year's Day I was still in Iraq.  At any rate, here is the picture of everything I managed to accomplish in 2010, well four months of it at least.  These were all painted in the period from January to April, which is when I stopped hobby projects in order to make sure I had everything ready to deploy.  21 miniatures isn't bad I guess given my previous rates and that my hand was in a splint for most of them.

Not the steadiest of photos, I know, but it gets the point across.  Of note in this lot are a couple of firsts.  First resin pieces (the Mauridians) and my first dipped figure (the Warlord Mercenary Warrior).  I'll be further exploring the dip later this year as I intend to attempt to finish a good number of forces that have been sitting around a while, namely Warlord. Don't know that I'll take up regular gaming with those rules, but would just like to have the figures done.

I also have some stuff to add to the To-Do List with Christmas additions, and will probably be reorganizing the list some.  I don't play Federation Commander, preferring the Klingon Armada rules for my Trek fix. 28mm figures will get lumped by genre rather than game as I don't see myself doing much with 28mm in the future other than painting figures that catch my fancy. 6mm will probably stay as is, though I doubt I'll be playing FWC, in favor of Tomorrow's War.

While I was gone, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I'm done with newer versions of CAV and will be diverting to 15mm sci-fi.  I'll still play CAV2 around the house and finish the minis I do have, but doubt I'll be buying anymore CAV products.  It looks like my gaming is settling around 15mm and starship gaming.  Though I did download Hordes of the Things to see if the boys liked it. (They want their own armies now having completed some miniatures in my absence.)  Who knows, by playing Tomorrow's War and Starmada, I might be able to find other players when I leave the house!

So, fare thee well 2010, and wishes for lots of painting and gaming for 2011!

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