More FSE Done!

Did these up from primer to sealer today, two FSE heavy destroyers and one escort cruiser. I also got one base color and a wash down on the other escort cruiser and the three corvettes as well as primed the battlecruiser and battleship. I think I finally managed to get a wash I like, it's a mix of ProPaint Chestnut Brown and MSP Brown Liner. These have already been based and are in the cabinet, but I apparently couldn't wait to take a pic. (click for bigger pic)


Eli Arndt said...

Nice looking ships. Though the paint scheme is very straight-forward, it's not too basic. The choice of colors is evocative of some of the solor choices used in Star Trek, which isn't surprising given your obvious love of that particular setting.

It's nice to see a ship painting style that isnt overly busy.

Sergeant Crunch said...

Yeah, I was trying to do something simple that still looks good. I think I've acheived a good balance.