Crazy week

It's been an interesting week for me. I started out the week being annoyed that Warlord is getting a printed 2nd edition and CAV still languishes in life-support mode. I'm mostly over it but it still aggravates me. The flip side to this though is that I'm cautiously optimistic about actually using my Warlord minis to play Warlord rather than keeping my shelving system from floating away. Then Ed Pugh, the guy that owns Reaper, comes clean on CAV and basically states that CAV will continue to be produced, but only as far as producing models for existing datacards. Interesting thing to note from all this though is that they *may* finally do Imperator as a noncollectable prepaint game. Damn them. Then I came to the conclusion that between being exhausted from work, the number of hours I spend there, and me not being around next year that I needed to withdraw myself from moderating the CAV boards. So I send a message to their webmaster, who was very understanding, and after a short conversation I received a very generous gift the next day. I'm not going to go into details, but it was waaaaay more than I expected. Thus continues my dilemma with Reaper, I get frustrated with them as a game company, but the people that work there are great people that I hate feeling frustrated with. I did get the pictures hung, even hung my plaques from previous units. I haven't hung them all in quite some time, I've mangaged to amass a decent number of them. Still waiting on the bookcase though. The the length of time it has been taking to receive that item is making me not want to order from IKEA ever again.

On the painting front, I got a bit of an urge to paint earlier this week and got the two Salamander fighters for Silent Death done. I need to get pictures of all those. I really need to buckle down though and get some serious painting done.

Speaking of pictures, I'm going to start migrating my pictures to Flikr. Some are already there from this blog. It's nothing against Photobucket, but I can access Flikr from work and I can't access Photobucket.


Ironworker said...

You know I'm a big fan of Reaper too but I've never considered them a very good game company. They are a great miniature company but sometimes I really wish they would get out of the game buisness or find a better way to manage their game system.
CAV always looked like fun but it seemed pricy from the get go and I never really got my head arround the R.A.G.E. system. I do hate to see that it's stalled though. I almost wish Reaper could/would license their system out to some other company and concentrate on making quality miniatures.

tabascojunkie said...

I feel your pain brother. And a ditto for Iron Worker, great mini company not so good on the game side.

So where are you gonna be next year? Shipping out somewhere?