No, I haven't taken up post-ACW as a new gaming period, rather we've been re-arranging the house in order to get all of our kids their own rooms. As a result of this, my Man Cave has become more of a Man Alcove. I've still got some stuff to do with this before we're done like finding a spot to hang my dogs playing poker and the print of the concept art for the KODA Works Barracuda. Then I have to move all my gear out of a closet and into a locker. So it may be another weekend before I get back to actually working on anything.

Yesterday I drove 25 miles one way to the closest gaming store to see if they could order the new Kraken for the 13th Tchinn-Ong. No dice, so I go home and attempt to order online from Miniature-Giant....out of stock. I don't want to order direct from Reaper for various reasons, but I may end up doing just that.

Maybe I can get something done today, but I'm not counting on it.

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