You Call That a Terrain Piece?

This is a terrain piece...

To be more specific is it Atlas Model Railroad #2835, Square Highrise from their High Rise Series. It seems to be an older kit as the tape on the box and the instructions were slightly yellowed. I found it in a Model Railroad/RC/Rocket/Model hobby shop in downtown Junction City. Didn't even know the place existed until I heard a radio ad on Thursday. I'm going to go back at some later point and get the other two hexagonal towers they had.

Here's a pic showing some Rach infantry supported by a Dictator doing what Rach infantry do, assault tanks and CAVs.

And a close up of the action

All told this took me about 3~3.5 hours to complete, though to be honest I wasnt' paying attention to the time when I started. On other fronts, I've four more Silent Death minis ready for sealing and kept plugging away at painting 6mm bases.

Forgot mention, it's 16 5/8 inches tall to the roof and 22 inches to the top of the antenna.


tabascojunkie said...

Very nice. It is good to have some modern looking scenery without having to build it yourself.

Cyborg Trucker said...

That's a sharp looking building!