Crappy Pictures

I'm going to need to set up the light tent for these as the colors do not want to photograph very well. On the Glad II the green is too close to the gray and the fighters are mostly metallics. These will give you the general idea though.

Gladiator II




tabascojunkie said...

Good looking stuff, I love that Gladiator. I guess I should finish that WIP with one in it I started in it a while back, huh?

So how does Silent Death look? I'd like to check that one out some time.

Sergeant Crunch said...

I've yet to play it with my wife, but it looks fun. I played a Star Wars version with some counters solo and it was enjoyable. Turn sequence is fairly simple, though if you end up using bigger ships lots of box checking will be involved. Upside is that I'm now the owner of a laminator so I don't have print of a new record sheet each game. I think she'll like it better than Federation Commander as the turn sequence isn't as complicated. I've been thinking though that RAGE would be better applied to starfighter combat rather than starship combat like I had attempted to do earlier. I may explore this idea at some later point in time. he starter box came with the rulebook, a scenario book, two hexmaps, and 26 minis so a pretty good deal. These six were not part of the box set. I actually bought these to use as fighters for a DRM 6mm army as I didn't like the DRM fighters.