Who was driving that truck???

Man, what a month March was. Barely even got to touch minis after my last game. Speaking of which, I have a ton of pictures that need to be downloaded.

Just finished putting a wash on a Tiger, a Puma, and a Jaguar. Haven't had the best of luck with washes using MSP Brown Liner lately. I'm thinking it's all the flat areas, because when it dries it pulls away from the recesses I want the liner in. Maybe I should just save the liners for the organic type minis and go back to using paint for washes rather than the liners.

Well, with luck, this weekend I can finish up these Ritterlich minis and work on a couple of Dictator's. One 60 and one 70. After reading RAGE Chronicles 2008 and looking at the datacards, I'm going to be happy I bought a third Dictator 70. After those it'll be on to a couple of Hughes-Marietta CAVs.

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