Actually got to apply to pigment over primer last night. Didn't get anything completely done but got several models off to a good start. Fired up Ye Olde Air Compressor and applied a nice MSP Worn Olive base coat to two Tigers, a Jaguar, and a Puma for CAV and 8 stands of NAC Power Armor Infantry for my 6mm sci-fi game which is still being drafted.

Speaking of which Beer & Pretzels 6mm sci-fi has made some progress in the last week. Managed to type up a few more pages while I couldn't sleep a few nights ago and intend to make some progress today. I've got most of the ideas scribbled down, just not in any particular order. By way of preview what I'm looking at is a game that plays quick and offers some tactical manuevering beyond "rush forward and beat the bejesus outta the other guy." Some of the mechanics I'm looking at are:
- d10 for everything
- issued orders
- two roll ranged combat resolution
- morale including suppression
- alternating unit activation
- the assumption that regular units are trained well enough to hit their target 50% of the time at medium range
- unit stats are the target numbers, not a reference for a chart
- special abilities for units and weapons
- three part activation, two movement segments and an action section between them
- 1:300 ground scale, 1:1 figure scale

Hopefully I can get this knocked out. Oh, also got those Pig Iron troopers based and primed, just need to start painting them.

I've been lax on getting pictures up. I have a bunch of stuff that needs pictures taken, just haven't taken the time to set up the light box. If it doesn't happen this weekend it probably won't until next weekend.

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