What a weekend!

Wow, it has been a busy one. First off, I got my first motorcycle over the weekend. Nothing fantastic, a 2003 Suzuki Intruder 800. All I gotta say about riding a motorcycle is go take the Basic Rider's Course now, get your license, and buy a bike....NOW! There were a lot of other things, but lets try to stay on topic.

As far as miniatures go, I played my first historical game on Saturday, Warhammer Ancient Battles to be precise. Having played 40k in previous years I wasn't totally unfamiliar with the concepts. I had fun. I played an alliance of Huns and Germanic barbarians against some late imperial Romans. I managed a win which is always welcome. May have to look into picking up some historical minis. Right now I'm going to hold off until Fields of Glory is released by Slitherine/Osprey and see how they compare to WAB and DBx. First purchase will most likely be next month, though I should probably start saving my hobby money for ReaperCon.

Did manage to do some work on minis. I came home from one excursion to find out that one of the kids had managed to separate a warp nacelle and strut from the engineering hull of one my Constitution class heavy cruisers. *sigh* So into the simple green it went. Applied decals to and matte coated a Federation frigate, the USS T. Roosevelt (NCC-312). Need to touch up some paint before it's ready for a photo shoot. Also got a start on applying decals to the USS Constitution (NCC-1700) herself. If any of you out there are using the ADB miniatures for Federation Commander or Star Fleet Battles do yourself a favor and order some decals from Starfighter Ace Decals. They look amazing. I couldn't help but hum the various musical cues from the original series as I was applying the decals they got me so into it. Yeah, I'm a geek, if you haven't figured this out yet reading my blog about miniatures you may have some issues to work out. That's 'bout it for now, maybe in a few days (not Wednesday though, that's small group night for our church) I'll have a pic or two of some Starfleet goodness.

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