Details, Details, Decals

Finished adding the decals to the USS Constitution NCC-1700 heavy cruiser. Going to add it and the USST. Roosevelt to the list of completed minis, mostly to make myself feel better. Again, I am very happy with the Starfighter Ace decals, they add a lot that I'd never be able to do with a brush and maintain any semblance of sanity.

Also picked up some black felt for some space combat on our newly acquired (but nowhere near new) dining room table. Cool thing is that the table just happens to be slightly larger than 48" x 48". No, this was not discovered until after it was bought and set up in the dining area. Unfortunately though, mini painting an preparation will probably take a bit of a back seat to Easter preparations for our church. They've challenged the small groups to fill at 100,000 plastic eggs for the Easter egg hunt they put on for the community. We just received delivery of 2000 eggs and candy to fill them, so we'll be busy for a while.

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