A CAV game and the joys of parenthood

Over the past weekend I actually got to play a game of CAV! I don't normally get to play but met a fellow gamer that also can't go to the FLGS to game for reasons of job security. He was interested in CAV so we played a 3000 point game. I lost, but that's becuase I was more interested in showing mechanics than trying to win. Besides, you always let the new guy win....right? At any rate, I think we have a new CAV addict in the making.

On the down side, when I got home, I realized that at some point during the day one of my sons had decided that he wanted to help me paint the DRM Andrayada infantry stands that I had left out on my painting table. So they went from only needing one more coat of paint on the bases and some flock to needing to take a Simple Green bath.

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