Another CAV game and a little more done

Played another game of CAV yesterday. The new rule that flying models are now at 2.5" above the tabletop really changed things. Models I though would be in cover weren't and got demolished before delivering their infantry payload. Oh well, lesson learned there.

Finished up a Czar transport on Saturday. I'm waiting for the matte sealer to dry completely before I take pictures. May need another coat tomorrow. I also finished up some hills today. I bought some Krylon H2O spray paint in tan. The beauty of H2O paints is that you can spray stryofoam with it and it doesn't melt the foam. So I sprayed a bunch of styrofoam hills that had been waiting for me to paint them but I'd never gotten around to because the craft paint I use for terrain tends to clog my airbrush. Mixed up a lighter color of tan and drybrushed them tonight and I hereby declare them finished. Something like six or seven hills and a large troop transport. Not bad if I do say so myself. Maybe tomorrow I'll finally get around to putting some decals on those
Federation and Klingon starships tomorrow.

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