Reapercon '14 Pics

So, I went to ReaperCon 2014 last weekend. HAD A BLAST!

Got to see several people I known, but haven't seen, in years. Got some games in. Got some cool new stuff to play with. Got some info on the next version of CAV. (Hint: Not as bad as I thought, but I still don't like it.)

What I didn't get was a lot of pictures. Here's what I have so far:

Demo material for CAV:SO

A Bonesium CAV to call my own

This was supposed to be the new Emperor, but will now be called something else

A wild west participation game I played in. I was one of the bad guys trying to stop the law dogs from taking our compatriot to the hangin' tree. I shot the Preacher.

The first eight CAVs to be done in Bonesium

New CAV designs. Some I like, others not so much.

Bolt Action participation game. Another gentleman (off screen to the right) and I played the Americans. Some amazingly lucky die rolls in this game. First a Sherman and a bazooka team took out the StuG on our left in the first turn. In turn 3 we got an airstrike. I rolled up a tactical bomber (I think that's what it's called, I rolled a six to determine the aircraft type if anyone cares to assist) which obliterated that Tiger on our right. In retrospect, we shouldn't have put the AT gun where we did.

I've known this fine man through message boards and Facebook for the past 10 years or so, finally got to meet him in person. We had a couple great games of Starmada:AE on Saturday (regular and SFU). Unfortunately we were having such a great time I forgot to take pictures of that. :(

And here's the loot (not including the swag bag). The box has three frames of German infantry, enough for 15 or 18 figures if I remember correctly.

These were acquired the week before the con. Adding about 20 (goblin math) miniatures to my collection.

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