2013 Wrap Up

Well, what I had hoped to be The Year of Done turned into The Year of Minimal Hobby Activity. I didn't do lot of painting or gaming this year. The most played game was X-Wing due to the ease of set up and my childrens' interest in the setting. I received my copy of OGRE and love it and if it weren't for the fact that I expect to get my Robotech kickstarter box sometime in 2014 I would get some OGRE miniatures.

Painting total for the year is a paltry 22. Between getting ready to retire from active duty, starting the job, and a general downturn in playing time I just really haven't been motivated to paint anything.  Here's what was finished:

Running Total: 22
4 Orc Guards (Dreadball)
1 Rebel Minis Merka V
8 GZG UNSC Troopers
3 GZG Gun Spider Robot Drone Thingies
6 Goblin Jacks (Dreadball)

Mostly 15mm this time around, no terrain. I'll post the consolidated picture later as I don't like the way the mobile app formats photos for posting.

For 2014, who knows? I'm *this* close to being done with Kyra and Lavawrath and plan to finish them soon if only out of spite. Robotech, when it arrives, will hopefully spur some activity as I'll have an additional 100 figures to add to the To Do List. In the mean time I think I'll return to sci-fi figures. I've got some starships that need doing or maybe back to my pile of unassembled CAVs. Then of course there are the piles of 15mm figures...

Wishing you all an enjoyable and prosperous new year!

Edit: Finally got around to taking the pictures:

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Baconfat said...

Well it was certainly quality over quantity.

I hope you do find more time this year. Personally, I found much more after retiring. No more stupid recalls, exercises, TDY's, or deployments.