Merka 5 and some scatter terrain

Finally finished up my Merka 5 from Rebel Minis. Been sitting on this one for a while. It's the first of the Republic of Hestia Army. They are the first group to have broken away from the interstellar mining corporation that first colonized Hestia, the main planet in the setting that's been roiling in my head for a couple years now. The RoHA uses fairly standard equipment for a remote colony world, mostly chemically propelled projectile weapons and explosives with some limited access to energy weapons. Their vehicles tend to be tracked and due to the resources available on Hestia use advanced armor produced locally.

The Republic of Hestia shares the planet with the remnants of the Interstellar Mining Conglomerate and another breakaway from the IMC, the People's Democratic Republic of Hestia Coprosperity Alliance (PDRHCA) a communist entity which is rumored to have an extremely oppressive regime. Occasionally Hestia is beset by the Terran Expeditionary Force (TEF) intent on destroying the facilities of the breakaway colony or raids by alien mercenaries and pirates.  The RoHA will be comprised by Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines and vehicles and a Khurasan Siler tank.

The TEF are GZG UNSC and grav vehicles. I've not decided for the IMC or the PDRHCA, but I'm leaning towards Khurasan Federal Army for the IMC and New Vistula Legion from Oddisal Osmy for the PDRHCA.  For raiders I've got a squad each of Khurasan Felids and Mekanoid Grenadiers.

I also completed a couple test stands of bushes/hedgerows. I try to keep my terrain scale neutral and these work well across several scales. They are nothing more than craft sticks painted brown and lichen from the Hobby Lobby floral department glued to the craft sticks.

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