Puttering Along...or not

I've had the first of the six gobbos for Dreadball base coated for about two weeks now. Going back to work and other commitments have sapped my energy. That and the potential for going to ReaperCon has generated an amount of excitement for some painting competition entries. On other fronts, I've got the Rebel Miniatures Merka V primed and ready for paint. It will be used with the Rebel Earth Force Marines which will represent the "America in spaaaaace" faction of my barely visualized background world. I've also started the preparation of my Khurasan Miniatures Mekanoid Dictator. Something I've learned about the Rebel and Khurasan resin kits is that they exhibit much more of the stratification that is resultant from the 3D printing prototype process. I think I was spoiled with Reaper's CAV figures, which did show some stratification but not nearly as much as these kits. In the long run though nothing some wet finishing sand paper can't deal with. The detail on the kits is amazing though. Especially on the Dictator. Right now I'm envisaging it in a blue/gray digital camo pattern with either dark gray or metallic undercarriage. I suppose I should really focus my painti....oooh look! Shiney!

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