Nifty Fifty

Been a while since I posted. Nothing major going on, just haven't been doing much hobby stuff lately. Not being able to reliably take decent photos has been keeping me from wanting to post here because I like to give yall some eyecandy unless I'm going off on a rant.

Anyway, what inspired my muse this morning is that at some point recently this blog has hit 50 followers. Thanks to the long time followers and greetings to the new ones! That's not a lot considering how long I've had this blog, but let's face it, my posting habits are...intermittent...at best.  Hopefully with recent changes at work I'll be able to spend a little more time on my hobbies and that includes painting and playing more. Now if I could get a camera with a decent macro mode without dropping a few hundred bucks...

I have gotten a few things done hobby related though.  I've taken some paper boxes from Hobby Lobby and  glued the lid upside down to the bottom to make buildings. I want to detail and paint them, but then I'd end up locking them into a specific scale. I suppose I could always get more seeing as how they're cheap, but I'm cheap and lazy. I've also purchased some vinyl tiles and laid them out on a 2x2 piece of plywood to create a quick desert board, mostly for use with 15mm infantry games and maybe 6mm if I ever decide to go that route again, though I'm still debating just selling those. Here's a picture of the board and the box buildings taken with my cell phone, a couple of CAV Emperors (1/160th scale) for reference. The smaller boxes are from 50-round boxes of .22 long rifle ammunition turned upside down. They are just large enough to be cargo containers in 15mm and smaller.
I've also finished the Car Shop model railroad building to be used as a generic factory building. I've finished one of the two Krakens, but the second has sat stalled on my table for a few months now. I also finished up the Armored Heavy Mortar Team stands for CAV after playtesting my ideas for streamlining indirect fire in that game.

In my recent affinity for board games, I've received my copy of Mantic Games' Dreadball. I didn't get in on the Kickstarter, just pre-ordered the game through The War Store. So far I've got the Human team, 40% of the Orc/Goblin team, the Referee, and balls ready for primer and paint. I think I may want to switch back to white primer for these guys though, so the colors come out brighter. Still waiting on that copy of OGRE: Designer's Edition though.

So, that's what has been going on with me lately, now to figure out which tags to put on this post...

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