Black Lightning Dictator

I finished this last weekend, just didn't feel like messing with editing the pictures. A little background on this first, Black Lightning was Reaper's volunteer demo organization and for a while they used to give these unavailable-to-the-public arms for putting on a Dictator 60. My understanding is that the fluff was that they were prototypes of the gauss cannons used on the Dictator 70. I was never a member of the Black Lightning program, though I had bounced the idea around in my head a few times.

A couple years ago a friend of my sent them to me with the promise that I use them. I almost immediately assembled the model, but then I deployed, then moved, and have just now gotten around to painting it.

I'm not entirely sure that I'm happy with the painting on this. My CAV painting ability has apparently decreased somewhat as it has been a couple years since I've painted one as I've been focusing on my startships and 15mm. Well, as much as you can call my frequency of painting "focused." This turned out only partially what I was seeing in my minds eye. I'm thinking that once I get back to my former skill I may strip this one and start over.

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